Though people are around, I feel completely alone. Dealing with depression and anxiety, and for once I want to talk to someone that just gets it... that wont just say im fine and brush me off. I need a friend...
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Depression....yep got that....anxiety....over abundance. I just wonder why me. You are not alone with depression and anxiety. There are just tons of people here that understand. I feel it so strong at times that I just want to.... well anyway, you can talk to me if you wish. I do understand.

i have anxiety also msg me if u wanna chat

hey, how u doing ?

Besides the usual... Kinda happy that the giants scored another touchdown

good, r u still in need of a friend ?

If you believe 10pct that u r not ok, u r not!

You need drugs!!! 😘

That is certainly not the answer to my problems O.o

What is?