It's a sob story... Does anybody else feel this way- I am known for always helping out friends; my boyfriend or doing volunteer work regularly. Everybody sees me as an extremely bubbly girl; but I'm actually quite upset inside. I let people let out there frustrations on me with a smile because I don't want them to be upset; but when it's time that I need to do the same, I feel like no one is there- or they just don't care in the same way I do about them.
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i m here
just say whats in ur mind

People will bleed your emotions dry because they know they can use you for that purpose..........let them sort out their own life's and be strong and happier.

You need to stand up for your right, and let them know you are somebody that need their time just as much, just as how everyone got feelings , you have them too and you should let it be attended to as well - it works 50/50 - how can you continue to help when you are soon enough able within - I say find the ones to look out for you too - I was once in this situation and I tried hard not to let it get to me - I confided in god and upkeep his ways or roles as a human - but eventually you will need a good human interaction for true.

Thank you so much for these words, you're right- I need to be stronger. Thank you <3

same here :(

I'm sorry to hear that <3 lots of love to you

It sounds like you are just absorbing their energy and it is affecting you worse than it does them… It always helps to get it out whenever and however you can… Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to you.

Thank you very much <3

I agree devtta, u need to take some time out for urself and enjoy urself!

Thank you <3 you are correct I think.

Damn right I am, who did ya think u were talking to li'l girl.....MUAHHHAHAHAHAHA!

You are too nice. Some selfish people are taking advantage of you. Spend some time doing things specially for you.

Thank you <3 I think you're right too, thank you <3

I am in your exact place. I am here for you if you need an ear to complain to.

Right back at you <3

I know how you are feeling as I have a similar situation


Yes, it usually happens with me. Its sad


I feel the same , its nt a gud view rite..... the thing helps us is we care even whn we r left lonely

Thank you <3