I need some help please ... Ages ago I looked on my boyfrinrd fqcebook history and I seen he looked up people he knew and he said he was just being nosey ... But I was sayin no you been lookin thou there pictures and he was sayin no if I wanted do that I would just look thou milfs page on Facebook so I said to him why would u do that and he said coz u was sayin that I was looking at there pictures .... What does he mean by that ??? No silly answers
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Well, considering this is like the third time I have seen you post this… Obviously it's really bothering you… Looking at pictures is basically harmless unless he takes it the extra step like contacting them and the such

No he never did that ,.. But do u get my post by what he said

It sounds like, he might be embarrassed that he got caught looking at other girls but tried to defuse the situation at the same time so you won't feel too badly about it. But from the sounds of it, it didn't work too well. My opinion.

These were girls he knew like he Wernt school with

Why do u think tgat

Why do I think that? Because from your description, he went directly into defense mode when you talk to him about it.

What do u mewb

From sayin if I want look at pic I world look at them

Yes… Realize this, if you didn't talk to him about it, do you think he would really stop? The answer is probably no because he would think you don't know about it.

Stop at what ?

Stop doing what he's doing… Do you really think he would stop looking at pictures if you didn't know about it? Chances are, no.

He Wernt lookin at pic it was just proflies of ppl he knows

Profiles, pictures… The point is he didn't want you to know that he was looking at it obviously. Either way, he is now in defensive mode now that he knows that you know he's doing that.

So is it bad

Well it sounds like he's willing to hide things from you and that's never a good thing… However that is up to you decide whether it is bad for him to do that or not. It's hard to have a lasting, meaningful relationship with those factors in play.

He Wernt hiding it coz I no is password to is phibe

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