I can't handle this anymore. I can't handle my own mind I can't do it I can't keep fighting within my self and my thoughts, My anxious and obsessive mind is taking such a toll on every part of my existence. I can't keep fighting this battle, therapy does not work drugs don't work. I'm trapped in a prison without walls that no one understands. I've even considered euthanasia self induced of course. If there were a pill I could take that would painlessly end me I'd probably take it. Not because I'm sad or depressed but because I just want peace.
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allow yourself to change instead of holding on to what you know

You need a good listener; feel free to message me! I know life gets hard sometimes and anyone can feel
desperate, anxious and not able to handle certain things but there is always solution for everything, you need a positive person to help you to keep going and make you feel better!

Hey, It seems u only need someone who'd listen! Try me!

If you want someone to talk to, feel free to message. I'll try to help as much as I can. :)

The place to start with PEACE - is to have a quite mind.
The best gift you can give you - is to daily meditate. Then this will help you to have control over your thoughts. Even a few seconds at a time - to just practice not to have any thoughts at all.
Also get outside and be with nature. Walk/swim/sing/dance/cycle
Take up Ti qi or Yoga - this helps being at one with you.
Quote for you:
It is an orderly universe, and the suffering that comes to us has a purpose in our lives-it is trying to teach us something. We should look for its lesson. Peace Pilgrim

I may be able to help, anytime you need me, I will try my best to understand and show you my perspective on the issue :)