I'm currently paranoid because I accidentally took a bite of a moldy cupcake about 15 minutes ago.

It was dark in my kitchen and the cupcakes looked fine from a distance. They were barely made a week ago, so I assumed they would be fine. I took one bite (it had no weird taste and I know for a fact the portion I ate had nothing growing on it) before going back into my bedroom, and it wasn't until then that I realized the cupcake had a few whitish spots on it. I immediately threw the rest out and brushed my teeth furiously.

Now I'm kind of panicking. I'm aware that most molds are harmless, but you never know. I've read that affected foods are generally contaminated even in areas where no mold is present, and I don't want my body to have a bad reaction, since I just got over a bad case of food poisoning a few weeks ago. Can someone either reassure me or tell me what to expect and how to quell any symptoms, please?
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Just drink lots of water and you'll be fine.

You know penicillin was made from mold right? In the 1940s,When people in the higher society were dying while poorer people were not no one knew why. It was because those poor families were eating old and stale bread (that had mold on it) and they slowly built an immunity to bacterial infections.

Anyway the point is you'll be alright.

Yes, I did know that, haha. Thanks. (:

Sorry 😁. You just seemed so freaked out...

It's fine! And I was, sorry.

1st off u won't die from it. U won't get sick either since u only ate a portion. Most molds r harmless. The molds u should b concerned about tho is botulism n the ones in the woods as in outdoors n the one growing on wooden areas. Other than those 3 ur fine. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks. I just panicked. xD I'll try to keep that in mind, haha.

You will be fine. Just think of it as a small dose of penicillin to boost your immune system. If you ate a 1 or 2 of them with a lot of mold then you might get an upset stomach, drink a lot of water to disperse mold ;)

Thanks, haha. xD And I've been drinking water ever since, so yay. (:

Great! N just so you know, by this time tomorrow you will know for sure your good to go cuz your farts will smell like fresh baked bread, lmao. The human digestive system has amazing abilities to re-purpose things we eat, hehe.

While I'm in general agreement with SiplyAtheist's diagnosis (particularly eventually), according to what I've heard molds in dry foods don't usually contaminate unmoldy parts, and "bread molds" practically never are harmful.
Also while I don't make a habit of eating moldy things, I'm certain people eat a lot of mold unknowingly before it shows itself or just not looking carefully enough; and in other cases the mold is intentionally used to alter the taste. That said, of course it's going to depend on the mold, so I'm sure nobody can say for sure what to expect.

Okay, thank you for answering seriously. (:

From what you've said, I should probably be fine, especially considering I only took one bite and saw no weird features on the area I ate. Also, the fact that "bread molds" are generally unharmful pretty much reassures me that I won't get sick. Thanks again.

Sorry. You're going to die.

Crap. There was so much I wanted to do in life...

You might as well take your revenge on as many cupcakes as you can.

There are still two left in my kitchen. Not sure why I didn't just throw them out. Eh, maybe I'll go set them on fire.

Yeah, teach them a lesson!

A few months ago I was super hungry, so I decided to eat an old pizza Lunchable, got like three pepperonis down, and the next one was green. It took all I had not to puke.


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Hi. xD

how are u

A little freaked out by my cupcake endeavor...



That's good.

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