Gah I hate sounding all depressed and sad all the time.. I feel like people would sooner leave than talk to me because of it. I have no motivation to ever talk about my problems because I don't wanna just talk about them, I want somebody who will continue to talk to me and be my friend even after my problems are said and done. But it seems that most people don't do that.. It's like most people only help because they're emotionally compromised as well, or either they feel like they need to in order to be a good person; but nobody will ever stick around and actually be friends rather than a mentor. I don't want mentors. I want friends.
I hope that's not too complicated.. But I hope somebody else out there feels the same way. I can't open up to people unless I feel like we're going to be friends or already are.
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But sometimes people need to understand you.. how can they understand and get close if you wont let them ?

Hey, feel free to talk to me!