Do boys get a hard on over nothing ?
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Yep, almost every morning. Sometimes they just happen for no reason. Good question.

How come

Yes, sometimes in inappropriate moments -.-

Like when you have to give a presentation / speech in front of an audience?

Well like when I'm sitting down and I get a random ***** and when I need to stand up the bulge is so obvious and I have to keep adjusting it so it doesn't show that much

So over nothing

Sometimes nothing, sometimes over something

So my boyfriend had 3 today when we was shioppin go u think that was ramdom

Shopping is a very stressful and boring activity for men. It can lead to boners. It becomes more frequent if a guy hasn't had any sexual release in a while (************ / sex) and is totally unrelated to any external stimuli.

He did not get one from lookin at his things just when I was lookin at mine but he said it was from holding ne

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Yeah I do all the time! A sudden stray thought and bang! It's there! Lol x

So by boyftiend not lieing

not at all

We get hard ons for NO REASON! But eventually as we get older, erectile issues set in. Make hay while the sun shines.

Why what happened? Message me x

So it not over anything just ramdom

It may be random or he maybe thinking about something or about you or anyone

Any thought can trigger it!

It is RANDOM! It doesn't mean he's fantasizing about anyone else or anything kinky. It JUST happens. It's natural. There is no reason to suspect your boyfriend if that's what you're thinking

No I just never got it

Message me

I think about allsorts that makes me get a *****! My fave is my ex girlfriend

Do u have to think about things to get one or does it happen

It can just happen but even more so when u think about things x message me

It's annoying when it just happens cos it can be embarrassing and if it a decent size u can't hide it lol

Why don't you just be happy and jump on his **** when he gets one? Lol

Add me to your circle xx

Can u get it from holdin your gf hand

Yes that would do it x message me and we will chat about it x

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It definitely does happen...


Idk... I wake up with one every morning for absolutely no reason...

Can you get it from holding your gf hand

Maybe... I've gotten them for far less!

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You cant control your mind all the time, I believe your vagina and labia got lubed for no reason.


It doesn't matter whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight. No matter what, you will have a random *****!

Can it b over nothing or u have to think about something

it happens RANDOMLY. Even if you aren't thinking of anything erotic. Cooking? *****! Eating? *****! Giving a speech? *****! Sleeping? *****! Juggling 3 flaming alcohol bottles whilst riding a unicycle on a tightrope 1000 feet above the ground? *****!

It's a small curse of being a man.

So it just blood

On average, guys have an erection every 90 minutes. It's caused due to blood pressure. The body likes to make a routine systems check ;P

Haha ok so my boyfriend had 3 today so it over no 1 else just that

Not on everything.

Under 25, yep.

My boyfrinrd 22 and he had 3 today why we was out

Sometimes it's just friction or subconscious.

My boyfrinrd as had 3 today

Are you saying your upset about it or happy about it? I don't think its clear what the real issue is here.

you're and it's... Sorry my grammar hasn't woken up yet today.

Upset coz we was shippin

Did you mean Sleeping?

Because if so that is a natural part of a male's sleep cycle. It even happens to infants.

If that's not what you meant, please try to be more clear.

She meant shopping..
I don't know how u appologized for ur grammar .. Have not u seen the pattern here!

Ye I mean shippin


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Because we have a penis nuff said lol