I have a problem with my penis that I'm worried about :-(
manclad27 manclad27
31-35, M
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hi there manclad27 whot his won with you chickin dat you re worred about fiend baby glenco2

What's the problem?

It's supposed to get hard when you see girls naked, hon.

Message me x

Lol. Take down your privacy settings.

hello there hellerpeople me his adult baby 247 so would you wike to chat with me fwiend baby Michael glencoe2

I will talk with you.What would you like to talk about? I'm open to most anything and live somewhat as you do.

Add me to your circle x

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what is wrong with it?

Snapchat me

i cant message you.

Snapchat I spoke to you last week

what was your name again?

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You should see a dr.

A bit harsh Valentine !! What's up mate?

Just something I worry about

Want to share, happy to listen , not sure whether I can help though

What's the problem? If it's too personal you can private message me.

Just something that embarrasses me

Can you be more specific?