I should be sleeping and here I am, idk I just want randomness. Nothing important or maybe something important comes up in the conversation? Idk. I just want to talk. Like as if you were here just laying down next to me, us just staring up at the ceiling, and just saying whatever comes to mind. We both can just say something random at the same time and we can continue from there. I don't know how to explain it, I want that random connection you just end up feeling closer to someone because you decided to talk about whatever and something good came from it...no judgement, just talking...ugh I'm weird lol
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It's not weird at all. It's called human connection. As for randmomess....the best one I have for now was my sister asking me if I gave my dog his meds (I had passed out on her couch) my answer? Sure bananas are fine.

I was in a half drool induced coma. Apparently I can't handle benadryl.

Yea apparently that's how the bananas came up. I'm on other stuff for pain so it just had an intense reaction...never again

Favorite Band?

I have an eclectic tatse. However, Metal has my heart. The Kings of it? Slayer!!!

Two of you??? Make an inked lady sammich!

Yea loads of tattoos. Full Sleeve and like 13 more?

Word. Uhm. Probably. I just got a new phone. I will have to go look in the "cloud" ha ha
You use kik?

It's a sleeve...like people don't look at it
Kik is a messaging app. No phone numbers, just an ID. It works on iPad

Please....came on too strong? I'm pretty sure I'm the one whom called you a panty dropper and asked about a twin sammich.

Found you

OMG tattooed?? Embrace me friend. I was creeping on your page. Such a handsome man. Panty dropper for sure.

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while looking at the ceiling** what will you do if a door or a hole appears up from there ?! will you go?! '--we could talk if you want to ;)

Wonder what the hell you put in the brownies and apparently I need more.

Sup, hi, yo, gidda mate from the land down under (always wanted to say that :) something random haaa .......... because # yolo # ........... wait a sec.............. u are non Australians .......................right?