I really want to have a conversation with a total stranger. A conversation wherein you pour out your emotions, all your grief, the sadness, and all other mixed feelings inside. And he'll be like sitting with me over coffee and listening to all my outburst.

I really don't know if this would somehow help me develop or myself, but I believe it's worth the shot.
PandaLim PandaLim
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So, like something you'd read about in a novel, or see in a movie, right? I've actually done this, when I was traveling abroad. I met an artist in Costa Rica, and we just began talking in Spanglish about what we were there for, where we wanted to go, and what we wanted to see change. It's rare, but it does happen! You can gain a lot of perspective talking to someone like that, which I think helps you grow much more significantly than almost anything else we pick up along the way. The two times it happened to me, I was traveling, and I wasn't actively looking for it.

You are so fortunate to have experienced that.

Just tell me what's on your mind Kyrielee.

Hiii.. keep spirit :)

Thanks. But would it be wonderful if you could experience that for real? I know its kind if weird or freaky, bug its worth it.