I'm a newbie and doesn't know the ropes here.
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i feel u

Me too and I already messed up when signing up as I accidentally clicked a few "me too" buttons and realised you could not untick them!

You can. You just click it again.

I feel the here I know as much as u know lol

Look around the site, read the experiences, respond to some of the public posts, and hey, you're on your way. Look up the profiles of the people who email you. You would probably like similar minded people with similar interests to begin with. Or you can ask your own questions. ANd then, before you know it, you are on your way......Jiks

Welcome and all unread is ask

Me too, I can talk to you if you want you can send me messages

Excuse me Ma'm *bust down your door* do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ!? lmao anyway its pretty simple ive been on maybe a few hours its very easy to get use to

your mind and purpose is the first rope

Let me introduce you to the AntiChrist path

You vent here and you do it honestly no holding back. Let your thoughts and feelings go free. It's inexpensive therapy and usually someone will related and possibly help.

Thank you!

Hi, Welcome to EP here are a few tips for you since you're new.
1.Be careful who you add!
2.ALWAYS check the persons profile before you add them
3.be aware of perverts and trolls
Other than that nice to meet you and have a good one! =)


Yeah, I agree with her. Turn your settings up so that you have to approve people messaging you. And there really are an exceptional amount of pervs on here.

hi honey i would love to chat with you

I just come on here and exchange stories. It's kind of like Facebook where you look up by status. But instead of just whatever is floating in your newsfeed, you look up by whatever subject matter is on your mind I would say.