In Need of a Friend

I have friends and family members that I can talk too, but what I really need is a confidant, someone who understands me, can keep my secrets and help through one of the toughest things life has ever thrown me.. My life feels like a roller coaster now and I don't know which way its going, it feels as though everything is going down hill all the time and nothing can bring it up.

jenala8 jenala8
31-35, F
8 Responses Mar 6, 2009

yes MissYoo,,, it is my Mantra been that way since 1996,,,I hope that don't get sick of me saying that all the time,,,loving you all,,,mary

We are all here for each other that is why I love this place ,,,who ever created this site you people are my hero,,,,so I too am here for you love and light makes everything alright,,,Mary

I'm here for you can hit me up when you feel down also!!

I know what are you going throught believe me<br />
I have been there. Please do not hesitate to contact me<br />
if you want to talk to.<br />

I understand the need to have someone in your life to "just" understand and be a true friend. As with everyone else here, please connect with me if your spirit moves you too.

You are not alone, hang in there. You can talk to me

I am sorry to hear that you are spiraling on a roller coaster. Feel free to PM me anytime.

I am sorry about that Jen. You can pm me whenever you want to talk someone. I will answer you as soon as possible... Hugs*