So.. he cheated on me, but I didn't know the full story until after I became pregnant with our beautiful daughter who is now four months old. It was two years ago and it was with the girl he considers "the one that got away" yet he says after he cheated he realized I was the one. Obviously, it sounds like a line. But ever since we fought about him "talking" to her (while the cheating was actually happening) he's done nothing but go to work and come home. Now, it makes sense why he became so dedicated. I mean I'm assuming it's guilt. I don't want to leave for the sake of our daughter, but I don't know how I can let go of him not only cheating, but lying about loving me in the beginning even if he loves me now...... Even if things are good now, how could I forgive him for all of the bad he put us through?
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22-25, F
Aug 28, 2014