So last year this guy who's a year older than me started talking to me right after we met and he was flirting with me and yeah. So basically he just really really led me on and it went nowhere. Long story short I ended up falling really really hard for him and at the end of the year I decided I wasn't gonna let him do this to me again this coming school year. But now he keeps texting me and flirting with me and I don't know what to do this year. Do I flirt back and hope for the best or leave him? Idek
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Ok here is what you do. Straight up just be brave and ask him. It's the only way youll know how he feels you can't read minds ha just ask save yourself from the anxiousness really you won't regret it


Ouch. Similar situation here. There's this girl I talk to last year and this one and we both like each other, but Im still not 100% sure.

Same here. It sucjs


Yeah :(

I'm gonna just keep with it and see if things get better. It might be worth it for you to try the same, but definitely not if you're not comfortable with it.

Yeah I'm gonna see what happens the first month or two and go from there

Good luck!!

You too!

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Do you think he might feel something for you? Do you feel something for him?

Ignore that second question lik


Lol and yeah it was completely obvious he did. All of my friends thought so too. Also he's kind of a player and didn't have a girlfriend all of last year.

I think you should talk to him about the situation to get a better understanding if what's going on. Ask him why he flirts with you and if there's something he's trying to accomplish by doing this. Most importantly ask him how he feels about you.

Thanks, I'll see what he does this year and talk to him

Let me know wat happens (:

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Forgot to mention, we met in math class

Did you meet him online?If so,be careful.

No he goes to my school I personally know him

Be honest with him and tell him that you are not into mind games.