I'm a security officer at a hospital. And it's been a rough week. Earlier this week a patient had her baby at 24weeks, in the process she went code blue. Who is dangerous. When I code blue happens I have to be there to keep the area clear. I seen the lady have her baby. He was the smallest baby I ever seen. Sadly he did not make it. The mother did not care and said that it wasn't her baby due to the fact he wasn't full term. Many of the staff and myself took the baby's death hard and felt bad cause his mother did not care. As the week went on many things happened that kept us busy. Today our hospital went on lockdown due to a bomb threat. Then another patient ended up being code blue and now may die and escorting his family to his room so the doctors could tell them was not easy.I'm in the process of getting another job. There's a lot of testing involved so I have to miss work. My boss is highly pissed and to the point she hung up on me. She's mad cause no one will stay in the position. And that's probably cause the pay sucks. Even the hospital staff agrees. This week has just felt forever long and stressful. I'm just ready to have fun. I feel like I've been around nothing but angry people and sadness all week.
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Wow that's really heavy, I kind of take this story to heart bc I just had a baby. I can't stress enough how important it is to have genuinely caring people working at the hospital. When I got out of labor the nurses were really rude and treated me like I was stupid. I ended up crying in the hospital holding my baby. I didn't expect my first night at the hospital to go that way.

Wow, I'll talk

I saw two tornado jets collide in Italy

That stupid woman should have died with her kid.

Or the kid should've lived and she died

Either way, we both agree that she shouldn't be alive right now. :)

Ive been trough alot of **** too. Trust. My story is 100x worse. Just be strong. Dont give up

I'm not giving up. This was just one of those weeks that was stressful and I had to vent. Just to get it off my chest

Yep. Sometimes you have a hard day.

That sounds tough. Don't give up. Life is a lot of sadness with a bunch of tiny shades of happiness. We just have to really embrace those happy moments.

You are very right. I will say there were a lot of good moments this week. And I plan on having fun this weekend. Just the stress got to me for a bit. And the week felt never ending