My boyftiend always always tels me he don't look at any other girls or find anyone esle nice and when he look at ppl he don't think anything like oo she nice ... But we just went the shop before and some wormen had her pants eating her bum and he said oo her bum must b Hungrey to me that lookin he said he just looked and seen that but he said he would not go lookin for it should I belive him
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I think he made a pretty funny joke to be fair, I don't think it counts even as eyeing her up.

So he is tellin me tursth

nay, just moan a little when your looking a some other guys in front of him. and say what, what you talken about.

LOL what he said is just a joke and a funny one at that man haha. Believe him, he's probably a good guy. All people look at someone and think they look good? It's only bad if they act upon it.

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