Marrage Based On a Lie

I could write a book about this. To hear bits and pieces would be confusing. I will try to make this as short as possible. If its too confusing or I leave details out please ask me I will get back to you. Boy meets girl.  Girl is pregnant but single. Boy really likes girl so pursues anyways. Boy and girl fall in love.  Baby is born. Keep in mind baby is not the boys. Baby has a birth defect. Girl tells boy it is ok for him to go. He says no that they were a packaged deal to begin with and stays. Girl and boy have 2 great years together. boy and girl move back home. with no place to live and with the girls promise all will be ok girl and boy move in with girls mother. mother convinces girl that boy is bad and kicks boy out. boy and girl still see other. girl "befriends" another guy. boy asks girl what is going on. girl swears nothing. boy acepts nothing is going on.  2 months go by of being apart. girl comes over to boy one night and tells him she is ecxpecting and it is his. boy is overjoyed but suspect something is amiss. they get married. baby comes. one year of good times. In  a fight one uneventful evening girl confesses new baby is not boys. now boy is depressed and doesn't know what to do or think and need some advice.....desperetly.....

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I also wouldn't need a DNA test I know she is not mine. Thanks you can also get them done through the mail these days 99.9% accurate.

First off I love the kids and I am absolutly thier daddy. I spend more time with them than my wife she is always working. I feel used by my wife to raise her kids and make sure they have what they need to live a good life. What I am curious about is are the feelings of betrayal and guilt ever going to fade they just seem to get worse everyday. I feel guilty when people tell me what a "good" job we did making "my" daughter. I love my family to death and the entire situation eats at me day to day. I am hoping talking about it helps and that that is what will help me get on with life.

How does boy feel about the child.....You either accept it...and move on from there...Or you get out right now.....Do not stay and mess up the kid....Baby is innocent....and needs a Daddy.....Either it will be you....or someone else...I was raised by someone that was not there when I was made......He is my Daddy...and always will be....Fathers are the guy that poked the mother...But Daddys are the ones that the kids will walk to the grave for....Are you the childs Daddy???? If so...Get past it...and make a life with the child

DNA test. You can have it done by a doctor. It cost a little. But it would put an end to any questions you have in your mind about wether the baby is yours or not. If that is your question.

wow that is some what of a mess. what would you like answered?