Can anyone help me aboit 3 months ago I looked at my boyfriend Facebook history and I seen he been looking up girls he knew from school but 1 of them he said he did not no ... He said he was just bein nosey and curoies coz he don't have them on Facebook but I said why is there no boys on there and he said coz I have all boy I no on fqcebook Whitch is ture ... But I always when I found out he got rid of Facebook coz we keep arguein and I said go bk on Facebook coz I want to see he keep sayin no no u wil get upset and Facebook gone now he went bk on it so I could see but why u think he keep sayin no no ? And do u think it bad what he did ?
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i'll talk to you:)

Help me out pls

please add me as a friend so we can talk privately in that case

If he's interested In other women just means he is not all Into you you can't change that all you can do is hope he's into you more

Does that sound like he is

Well when I got eyes on a woman nothing sways me when I'm unsure I notice other women so say maybe he is

It may be innocent or it may not. Because you got upset the first time he may being trying to avoid upsetting you again, even though there is not much on there. Men do try to avoid upsetting women, apparently from psychology stuff I've read, because they find it harder to process emotions than we do. Women face big emotions easier than men. A woman can be in floods of tears one minute and feel better the next. Men take longer to process emotion so rather than spending time on them avoid them if possible. Which I do not blame them. Where you would show him thinking it would ease his difficulty he will not show you because he's expecting a big emotional reaction from you which takes him longer to get over than it takes you to get over. That's from what I've read. Since I read this I do less showing of stuff to my partner, even though I have nothing to hide. When we get in conflict I leave him upstairs on his own or out in garden or he goes for a walk rather than trying to sort out the conflict (which is a natural way women process, we have the conflict and feel better, men take longer to recover). It seems a fairer way to be and also when he gets annoyed at me i leave him to it, no trying to justify myself or make him see my side, and the next day sometimes he apologises.
Went on a bit there. Anyway long and short of it, he may just be trying to avoid another big emotional reaction from you and have done nothing untoward.

Do u mean about not wanted me see it again ?? Do u think it bad from what he done do u search men u know on Facebook ?

No, I think it is probably ok. I think because you got so upset when he showed you his fb that he doesn't want to upset you again.

Also he showed you the first time so his friend requests were probably innocent.

He not added them he just looked on there proflie he not got them as friends on there wel some he did but 2 of the girls he did not no ... This does not mean he's intersted in girls is it ? So yours saying he prob did not want show me again coz I wil get so upset

Yes, he probably doesn't want to upset you. Lots of people have school friends and male and female friends on fb, it doesn't mean anything and your guy hasn't even added them, he's just been nosey so I doubt you have anything to worry about.

I no there was 2 ppl he did not no but he said he thought it was someone he knew but it wernt

Does that happen to you? It happens to me - looking at a profile to see if it's the person you know.

Not really ... So do I just need let go

Let go of the suspicion and put your energy into something positive for you - read a book, do something artistic, watch some comedy, spend time with friends, further your career, learn something new, go somewhere you love spending time, do sport, watch sport - whatever you enjoy.

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If he's gonna cheat you can't do nothing about it so dont worry over mistrust just prep yourself

well said

I don't think he cheat he's just says he's not Imyersted in ither girls do u think it bad

Do you trust him? If so, give him enough rope to hang himself.

Ye n no

Then what the hell are you doing. Be with someone you trust.

All be like this wit anyone am with

Why? Are you that insecure about yourself that you're willing to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life... Hummmm... you're young hun

I don't no I just worry

WOW! You're tougher than I.

I enjoy this conversation ..I dont know why..sorry for interruption though

What do u think

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