Just Need to Not Be Alone With My Thoughts, Ever.

Well that's it really, no story, title says it all. I need to not be left to dwell, to introspect and over-think, and pull myself to bits. Need to talk a lot. I am prepared to talk about subjects other than my own problems too! Just make conversation with me,, anyone! I amhere to listen if anyone wants to talk to me.. my advice is sh!t, but I do care.. tend to smoke-it-up while I'm waiting for the computer to start-up.. I am listening tho..I'm all ears in fact.. actually this was a story about 'irl' talking.. but online is just as good at the moment. I can't stay forever of course. I just need to talk to someone. Share my thoughts. I'm going to have to keep a diary at some point, and post it in a blog now-and-then when i get the chance.

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10 Responses Mar 10, 2009

*punch*<br />
<br />
*hug*<br />
<br />
<br />
Sorry it's not real!!!<br />
<br />

Nah, just dorky, now! Everyone's looking at my stupid story. i ought to delete it now. It was just while it was all quiet. I wish i could get a hug. I mean a physical one. =( Or a punch in the arm. Make me do something.<br />
Thanks for commenting. :/ :)

Hiya friend.....<br />
<br />
*poke*<br />
<br />
still lonely??<br />
<br />

My thoughts are too dark, don't fit with who I want to be, who i am, when I want to be. :/

Thanks Mary, that really is pretty cool! =D<br />
I think it was just i was here on Ep when it was really empty, I was just sitting 'on my own' for a bit. i've really gotta get on to serious stories, stop trying to make a new friend every other day. (which IS hard.) I am addicted to finding new friends and i think i have got some really great friends. i just either find something 'chatty' to chat about or just spend all my time commenting on stories that have nothing to do with me. =(

hey whats up,,,I am sitting here at my doctors office chating with you on their dime,,,cool hey,,,,hope you get over feeling lonely I am here if you need me,,,,mary

Wow, found it, nice-one FPC. thanks. I'll give it a try. :)<br />
<br />
All that babble above is because i was waiting for the connectio to randomly reappear?! :/

You know that I'm always here to talk with you l'il hobo. Just holler, I'm here to listen.<br />
<br />
I know how frustrating it is to type out a reply only to have it disappear into cyberspace when your computer craps out. Try composing your comments offline in notepad and saving them as text files. That way if you do lose your connection, everything you wanted to say is still there to be copied and pasted into the comment box when your computer has finished acting up :)

Oh wow thanks! =) I'd love to have you in my circle. Oh no this comment box is awful if you insert a line after it just writes over the top of everything and other weird stuff now, hmm EP is weird somtimes.. <br />
uuhhh yeah, er i feel lonlier offline it's just when EP is quiet, which it really was when I wrote this, I can just sit here and ponder too much, and it's not healthy doing that alone I think.. it's not that I don't have friends on eP, when it's actually busy, it is hard to keep up.<br />
Right now I have this stupid connection that stops working all the time, mostly when I am trying to comment. If I forget to refresh the page on another window, beore the time (imaginary, variable) runs-out it disconnects me, leaving me with the option of turn off/on again or wait for a few or several minutes for the connection to magicly come back on. It's really spoiling th EP experience for me at the moment.. It's as if I was being punished for trying to write long or intelligent answers. Evverything i do on EP I'm worrying about this stupid timer-thingy. It's like that all the time, can keep typing now because I know the connections gone off, I tried to send this ages ago when it was tiny, just a few lines! =P <br />
If it seems like I disappear alot, it is because of that, I'm not deliberately loggin-off all the time. I'd love to chat but it's more like writin letters at this pace... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...---... bored now, thing still won't send.... ..... ..... ...... ........ ........ ......... .......... ........... ..<br />
submit!! submit!! <br />
oh well nvermind, got all night to sit here.. gonna have to turn it off and lose all tis stupid comment, half a mile of rambling moronity..

Sure I feel you pain, I am the same way and want to have people available to talk to. I am a 420ier as well that helps me think alot.