hy everyone

well I'll be short....the reason why i signed up here is a simple fact that i'm friendless. apart from school i have nothing to do, i have a lot of free time which i spend alone, in front of computer, redicelously spending my time playing games, watching movies, and ofc - thinking too much. which brings horribly depressed and dark mood into my life. there are also some other things that back this up me beeing gay, having crushes on str8 friend (well...more of a schoolmate than a friend...), having nothing to do all day but thinking how my life sux - and there is nothing I can do about it :S IF i had friends, someone to hang around more often, i would have less time to be stuck in bordom and have all those dark thoughts on my mind....but place where i live can't offer me that..... ( all came out bigger as i expected (the text i wrote heh))

anyway, happy to have found this site....and sorry for my bad spelling.


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I'm new tothis but ill be a new friend. I just recently been in a 4 year relationship and we broke up and I moved I can't turn to my family.. let's. Be friends!

ty everyone

Sometimes it's easier to start meeting people anonomously especially if you're shy or not sure how to break the ice. Also I know that I can say things here that I would probably not say in the "real" world. Feel comfortable and talk all you want someone's always here to listen. :-)