I Dont Know What to Do.

There is this guy i like so much + im pregent with his kid he always told me that he wanted a kid with me + then me him + my family can actully be together, we always constantly have flings but never a real thing he tells me he loves me + i alwayss fall for him + belive him but now i know its not true, hes gone into prison now 4 2 years + i miss him soo much even know its been like 4/5 weeks. He knows what i feel about him, but i havent told him about me being pregent its been 9 weeks now + i still dont know what to do, he told me that he didnt want me to see him when he was inside because it will just break me seeing him in such a **** place but i dont want to tell him over the phone or in a letter than im carryin his kid, i just miss him so much :( + he is the only one i feel that is there for me + it just feels that a whole piece of me has been taken away from me

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Take it from someone who has been in a relationship with someone who was in and out of jail all the time, if you love him, stay by his side, write him letters THEY NEED LETTERS, PICTURES, MONEY ON THERE BOOKS, whatever you can do to show that you HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN about them is the best thing and only thing you can do. He says he doesnt want to see you while he is inside because yes it probably will make you feel worse, but also it will make him feel bad as well... The only thing thats going to help him get threw the time is focusing on working out, or educating himself while inside, the last thing he needs to remember is the look of pain and hurt in your eyes as you hang up that phone and walk away from him.... See in his eyes for you to see him while he is locked up is like him having to show his shame to your face over and over again each visit. So dont take it as a sign that he doesnt love you just because he doesnt want to see you. Be there for him but continue on with your life, for your sake and your childs sake, trust me after the baby comes 2 years will fly by. You will be so busy with loving the baby and taking care of it that you wont even realize the weeks flying by, and STAY BUSY BUSY BUSY...... this is the only thing that will help you pass the time.

My boyfriend just got arrested last night. I'm already freaking out. I'm not pregnant, but he could possibly be doing 2-4 months and I have no idea what to do with myself. I feel where you're coming from.