Just For Today I'll Be Ok

Thats the way I feel, trying everyday to be ok, but deep down inside I just need someone to talk too, and for everything to be ok.Im still married basically living with the ex, but so lonely. Why does a man at one point says that he loves you and then the next moment he wont say it he just laughs.WHY DOES A MAN CALL YOU ON THE PHONE TO TALK BUT THEN TAKLKS ABOUT THE MOST DUMBEST THINGS TO TALK ABOUT.WHY DOES HE ACUSE YOU OF BEING WITH SOMEONE ELSE WHEN YOUR NOT BUT YOU SHOULD BE. WHY DOESNT HE JUST KNOW HOW TO ASK FOR LOVE INSTEAD OF PLAYING THIS GAME.

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

i think to be honest you're better off getting out of there. need someone to talk to . PM me :).<br />
I may only be young, but i can give some good advice. I can try and help.

all humans play these games but men and women think and talk differently. one of the other people on ep said they got good input on this site:www.therapy-counseling.net good luck and remember most women have thought the same way as you.