In Love With Someone Who Is Confused...

well I was just in a 4.5 year reltionship and we had our ups and downs... there have things that have been going on since the first year... when he got with me he was kind of with another girl. And I didn't fond out about till later. I am a emotional person and I tend to keep a lot inside. He cheated on me and I took him back then later on in the 2nd year he did again teying to hide it but I had a feeling and it was true. But were not going to get into that.... we had agreed to break up this time and when we find someone well tell one another... well he is "casually dating" wtf does that mean I mean really ... does he not care about how I feel? He said to focus on me and no one else.... its hard to be without him because everything was HIM. How is it easy for him to move on and find someone who looks like me.?.. whenever we would fight he would send me away to my family in the lower 48s... but when he wants me to come back I do...its hard because I want to go home now but to know that he was with someone else... it hurts... I may be babbling but what can I do. I quit my jobs when its convient for him to make me leave. I'm tired of leaving and going back and forth.... should I move on?

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

I know how you feel. and what you going through. It is hard. And we do tend to make it all about them. But honestly move on. Its ok to be hurt and its ok to take your time. But dont wait for him. Live for yourself like he said. Maybe once your happy he'll see what he messed up and he'll be the one paying for it. He did you wrong you where the faithful one. I know its hard believe me i know! We can't help who we fall for. but your still young you never know when your going to turn the corner and fall for the guy you see. I was just like you. With a guy for a long time he did me wrong the nwe agreed to split. it was hard he had been my best friend for 8 years lover for almost 3 it was hard to get my life around me and not him. But finally after my friends put a foot in my butt and got me out i did met someone else and you know hwat that someone else is my husband. I dated for a bit after my long relationship started a new friendship with ppl and after time i was happy again. It works just give it time take things slow. And if you want to vent or just talk or anything feel free to message me this is just the short story of everything lol it goes way deeper but you just like me can over come it. you will be happy and you will do the right thing just listen to your self your real self.