I would have to say, these past few years have been the wost fo me. Both my mom and oldest sister died of cancer lass than 3 years ago. My other sister has cancer, and so might I. Im dont really care to check. I just lost my g/f of 4yrs for some reason.  I dont know what to do anymore, my life is going down hill. I really loved them all and they all left me forever. Sometimes I just feel like dying, it doesnt seem or feel like anythings going to get any better. I cant get them out of my head, I cry all the time. I sound like a lil girl or baby. They meant the world to me, I would do anything to get them back in my life even if it was to give up my life. If anyone has any suggestions, or help. lmk. Im scared and hurt deeply. thanks

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I know you have already probably heard more than once that God wont give you more than you can handle and from where your sitting you probably dont believe it, I know when Im going through rough times its hard to believe but it is true. Im so sorry for all the loss you have experienced and you dont know me enough to trust me, but it will get better and you are already becoming a stronger person, it takes courage to reach out to strangers for advice and help. You can email me as much as you want whenever you want, I will be happy to talk with you and when you feel you can trust me enough I will give you my cell phone number and you can call when you need someone just to vent to, just to get it out and off your chest. Sincerely Terrie Correnti

Life is about balance and it isn't always fair. <br />
When life events keep us down and affect are quality of life we sometimes need to reach out, ask for help and try to regain or develop a new prespective. There are many resources available to us when needed, a local pastor, primary doctor, treapist. I hope you seek and find what is best for you. I had suffered from depression a while back and found help when it reached a point beyond my understanding. Hope this was helpful. God bless!

I cant even begin to imagine how you feel right now. But Wouldnt your family/loved ones want you to take care of yourself and live your life? Cant you try for them? See a doctor and take care of yourself. Good Luck for the future. Xx