Life Is Sad

a friend of mine left me in the care of a cat (pumpkin) who was so pathetic for her ignorance.  she was the sweetest, nicest cat there was and never did anything to hurt anybody.  but the only way she knew how to get water was from the toilet, even when I showed her where her water bowl was.  the only way she knew how to get food was from the bowl next to her water, when I poured it.  well I had to move away and couldnt take her with me, her owner couldnt take her back and no shelter wanted her.  unfortunately for her it was right after she had 5 kittens.  she no longer has access to the food i was giving her or my toilet.  when I think about the look of desperation in her sweet cat eyes it makes me cry.  she has no chance to survive.

what's worse is that I now get that feeling when I think about humans. when I see children who don't get decent food or who live in unhealthy conditions and their parents who want to give them a better life but don't know how.  when I see lonely people who nobody cares about trying to go about their lives even though they know they're miserable.  whenever anybody struggles to go on even though it's pointless and unbearable, just because they dont know what else to do...

what bothers me the most about it is that I have it now.   whenever i eat whatever food it is that i bought i feel as pathetic and as helpless as that cat, knowing that any meal could be my last and there's nothing i can do about it.  there is no diversion, distraction or drug that can take my mind off it.  i can't think of anything in this life worth a damn.  is this how we are supposed to live?  what is the meaning of this?

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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

It is a sad state of affairs and as you know, most people just go about their everyday life not worried about the guy with no food or shelter because they have the attitude of "it doesn't involve me'