Stupid Is As Stupid Does..

I make alot of mistakes..usually learn from them or try too. Im somewhat of a joker and I love to have a good time. when things get to me they really bother me and I worry myself to death. well I did something really stupid at work..but its like temptation takes over and follows me everywhere. anyway what happened was I stole 20$ from a co workers purse..knowing there was cameras everywhere.. it was the rush of adreniline I get from taking risks. except when I got caught I had no adreniline..I felt very stupid so I didnt lie I fessed up. my supervisor said they cant let me come back until I pay the 20$ back..which is gonna be on payday friday. so I said ok.. and also he asked me if Id come in tomorrow and have a meeting with him and my manager at 2pm. Im not totally stupid but Im just not sure what to do about this whole mess.. I dont want to be fired but I also dont want to face who I stole from..or anyone that knows. call me coward.. -shrugs- maybe I am. Id appreciate any comments..nice or rude. thanks :)

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thanks everyone for all your advice and opinions :)

I am a guy of fantasy. I am sick of doing same ordinary things. I want to see and learn new things. I am tired of this dull and frozen life!

mmm,it's a tough one,alright.But you're already facing up to it,so why not go all the way,no matter the embarassing hurt feelings.Your conscience is compelling you to do the right thing,god that bugs me,I stole all kind of stuff for years,I know that adrenalyne rush.well,do what you can do or quit the job if you can do better,though that seems drastic.I think the people will understand,especially if you apologise and try to do better.Geeze,I'd better not steal from work tommorrow,that would take too much explaining...there's so much stuff just sittin around,though.I've gotta always watch my greedy motives.

Let them know you are sorry and never meant to hurt anyone. honest is best! Good Luck

Let them know you are sorry and never meant to hurt anyone. honest is best! Good Luck