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i wrote a thing a long time ago about my boyfriend and roommate situation. but to make a long story short if you didnt read the other one... my boyfriend came into my apartment after a drunken fight and break up and he ripped my ac out of the window, broke that to ****, told me he was cheating on me the whole time, then blames me for calling the cops. we live in apartmentsd for gods sake, i did not call the cops, im underage and i was drunk, why would i want a 4th minor consumption on me record. . someone heard his drunk *** bangin **** around because he also had assault with a deadly weapon 5 years ago for beating 2 guys up with a gun so he went straight to jail and has a 60,000 bail.im an idiot and actually thought of gertting back with this guy because he said he was going to stop drinking, but come to find out his friend said he had been talking to a girl online for the past couple of weeks trying to meet up with her, so i got pissed and ****** another guy as a rebound. now he just called me from jail and we got in a HUGE argument about what i found out about him actually lying to me about this girl he was talking to and even though i dismissed my charges against him he might still go back to prison for 2 years. he wants me to go to court with him and testify for him tomorrow at 2. i hate him now tho. i mean i want to be with him but its so hard for me to believe that my friend would lie about seeing him writing that stupid ***** on myspace. and talking about meeting up with her. and also getting drunk and ******* my apartment up, wich luckily it wasnt my face that he bashed in. ( i dont think that would ever happen, but i never thought this **** would either).should i even go to court tomorrow for him, or should i just let that piece of **** go back to jail....if he gets out of jail hes moving right down stairs from me, i cant stand to see him if were not together, but i dont think i can ever trust him again. i ahte him and love him.....what the ****.

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A good boyfriend would never do that to you... if he has been cheating on you or getting you in trouble with the police then it's your responsibility to do what's right regardless of what he says.

its been quite some time now and im getting over him slowly. i see him downstairs at his apartment with girls that look younger than me. haha. i found a new roommate and were going to look for a house together and i may have found a sweet guy but we wont know till i spen some more time getting to know him!!! thank you guys so so so much for your advice. :)

it might hurt but you really are just gonna have to lose him. Is he really what you want your future to be?

love shouldnt hurt<br />
you dont need that kind of pain in your life<br />
i would go talk to your landlord see if he can make him move

I think all guys that are destroyers should stay in jail. It doesn't sound like he treats you right. I think you can find a much better guy then him. I mean if you had kids would you want them to be calling him daddy? A guy that beats guys up with a gun and destroying your apartment. You want that kind of example like that for you kids? I think your nuts if you do.

You dont need a guy like this in your life do you??? Whats the payoff for you even talking to him? Lose him fast...you dont have to be a loser with him...<br />
<br />
Leave him in jail where he belongs and tell yourself you deserve better in your life... you are worth more than guys like this are bringing you....<br />
<br />
You have this in your life cos you think you dont deserve better....and the truth is you do deserve better....keep telling yourself you are worth loving and being treated kindly and will respect...respect yourself and it will happen...<br />
<br />
Tell yourself over and over you are worth loving... and you will get someone who will love you without the crap...

We make choices to change our life for better or worse.... time to choose!