Unrequited Love. Depression?

reacently i have felt that i need to talk to somebody, but i really do not know who to go to with this. it would be a rather awkward conversation with most people i know.

well anyway, i am a girl 16 and i think i may be in love with my teacher. she (yes, she) is the most amazing person i have ever met, i love her to bits, she's beautiful in every way (though people think she's ugly, i don't understand how!!) and i respect her so much i would do almost anything for her. i really don't know how this happend, but it did, and i want my love for her to go away and yet i still like the feeling of love and, well i hate that i love loving her basically. (i don't think of her in a sexual way btw) she's on my mind almost all the time.

i miss her.

i also think that this is what could be making me depressed, i think of her, and start to physically choke up. i know i can't tell her because 1. it would be pretty akward 2. she's married (to a guy) 3. its against the rules!! all i want is for her to be safe and happy, and for her to have a great life with her family.

does anyone else feel this way at all?? cause i really just wanna talk to somebody...please help. xx


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Wow. You know I googled "someone to talk to unrequited love" and this was one of the first things that came up. I am going through the same thing. Seriously. 3 or so years ago I feel for one of my teachers, also a female, and I fell hard. She ended up moving across the country to get her PhD, and I was heartbroken. She moved at the end of my sophomore year of high school. I am now a sophomore in college, have only seen her twice since, and I still hopelessly have feelings for her. It's so hard. But you really are not alone. Just be thankful that she is still in your life =) The woman I love has been slipping away over these past few years. <br />
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I too just want her to be safe and happy. She means the world to me, and I would do anything for her.<br />
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Feel free to message me if you want to talk more!

Hi there<br />
I am much older than you but experienced something similar when I was at high school. In retrospect I realised that a fascination or strong emotional ties are due to someone speaking to a place in your heart or soul that connects. It may not necessarily be a falling in love story- but a love for an older person. Don't fear your emotions- just try to understand what is it you admire about this person, can you learn/take from it. I also experienced the same feeling later on in my life with a guy for a long time. We connected on a level that meant the world to me. Journal or speak to a close friend is ok - life is one long journey or emotions. Love in all its forms has no secrets or fear! Hope that helps.

if you want somebody to talk to about this, i am here. i usually talk to people through private messages. i have some experience on this subject. always happy to lend an ear (or in this case eyes lol),<br />
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I think what you're feeling is natural...which is why it's against the rules. I tend signs like these more as symbols that prove to you that you are alive. You will have these feelings again, maybe even for guys as you get older, but right now guys are generally dumb and your teacher probably seems like the most sophisticated, elegant, sensitive and compassionate person you know which is all probably true. The thing is you'll have these feelings for someone you will still see as your equal and that will help you to know that your headed in the right direction towards a good non-abusive relationship.