Need Someone That I Can Talk To

I have no one.  I have no friend that I can talk to.  I am a big sister in the family.  I have to work to treat the whole family and family's dept from my dad.  I have to be strong for them.  I can't be weak infront of them.  But sometime I feel so empty inside.  I don't know what i'm doing now or for.  It's ok to take care of them but sometime I feel so tired and need to talk to someone who can listen to me.  I don't want to talk to friend or family cause I don't want them to see this part of me.  I want to cry but I have no tears.  I want to talk but sometime no word coming out.  It's so empty inside.  I'm afraid that if I talk my problem out, friend will all run away.  If I talk to some guy I date with, I'm afraid they will look pity and bored on me.  All I need is just a friend that I can talk with everything, give me hug when I need and shoulder for me to cry on.

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feel your pain

At least you have love. When you lose everything and everyone and are alone in this world for the first time, alone equals death. Many have died, the ones from the past are words on a screen my phone don't ring and soon there won't be a phone as food gets scarce. Been robbed, left for dead and there is nobody left to call. A Veteran, disabled, worked whole life soon to join the ranks of those who lost everything but life yet. Next?

without love what else is there?

U can always talk with me I don't really have a lot of people either u can text me. 570~397~7029

Is there anyone out there that can help me please
I need help with raising my grandchildren and fixen my home I am disabled,my heart is in bad shape,but I need help with my house fixing,thank. You Jeanie. Smith

I am here for you my love
talk away

You have a lot of responses but if you find you'd like an ear who has been there, I have one and I don't judge.

i think i am all the way alone in my life so i want to talk to someone whom i dont know anyway.

Alone and over the edge of life?

can v talk?

And yes, i am there for you always :)

Try finding someone online. Someone who shares something common with you. Or you can post all you want to say on an anonymous blog.

And yes, if your friend or boyfriend is nice, they wont run away when you need someone.

It would be better if you seek counselling or join a support group.

Dont lose faith. We all go through such phases. Smile, my friend :)

I'll talk to you. I'm atheist, 6 foot tall and crippled. I am a grandmother and have much experience and can maybe fill in that void.

You can talk to me:)

your hot

Wow, i am crying about this sad story.

If you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me!

I wanna catch all of you tears.
I wanna hug you yo make you feel better.
I wanna Talk to you to make you happy
I wanna tell you i am online for you.

I know how it is to be helpless. I had it too but i am on the other side of the world.

I wish i can be to you but, sadly it can't

Just tell you'r parrent('s) that you wanna talk, parrents are inportant! cry in their arms.

I wish you luck! Bye.

I am willing to listen to everyone and it is good to share the experience

try this, go somewhere secluded and alone and shout or scream or cry, just let it all out, or talk to your family tell them how you feel

Take some time for ur self something that u love...I know it's a huge burden being responsible of ur family....I'm sure ur family knows wt ur doing for them and they love u for it.. Be strong...wn ever u feel alone share with us we will listen and not judge .....lots of hugs for u ...

You are fantastic please do not forget this.... Kissess

It is okay to say I am on vacation from all of this to your family for a few days. You will be surprised that those you thought would do nothing will come through for you. Let go and share with other family members you need help. By being silent they will not know your frustration and when you do deside to let it out, which will be at your wits end, will only sound selfish to them. Sometimes writing a letter regarding your feelings will help you share your feelings in a calm and understanding why's to other family members. My prayers are with you.

now i am listening~

wow, I know it is a struggle. I been there and I am still there. I know how it is. All I do is pray and pray. Remember you're not alone there are others out there who are going thru what you are going thru. You can chat with me if you'd like too and I can chat with you .

I know how you feel not the big sister part but in some ways yes. Sometimes I myself feel like I need a friend which will understand me perfectly but I know that is impossible. Just know that you're not alone

I know were you are coming from i am like that and we all nead some 1 to talk 2 ore be there at your side when you nead it no jujmants just asholder wen you nead it

I will be that sholder 4 you if you want me 2 be i will lison 2 you and more

to not feel that way.. you must do things you like, if you don't have friends make ones, and i'm sure they will help you
we are all here.. you can talk to us anytime you want

Hi, friend and how is you?

You can always share your experiences here. Just to get things off your chest.

Exactly! I want to be and am thankful to be my familys rock, but take care of you, its takes alot to be the rock.

i got a lot to ***** about here lately. i fell you feel the need we can swap stories. i have to be strong for my friend's and family but i often dont have that in me anymore and i dont know where to find the strenght. (sigh's) what would you suggest?

Please hang in there, express your feelings here and let us help. Write in out or it will destroy you. Watch the drinking, some family issues need to be embraced. Find a social service setting that couild help, you need a person to person contact. This is not an issue for boyfriend. Do you go to a church, us the internet to find support groups near you and attend.

94999 people have read this post. Can you imagine how many people go through this every day. I do not want to know. It would scare the helll out of me. If there is that many people who feel like me right now that means it is hopeless. Hopeless to feel like you will fine hope. Fine happiness. To fit in. I need someoe to talk to. To Feel like you are worth something. I have a family that doesn't like me for there brother. I try to ignore it . it has been over 30 years of hell. I want to stop worrying if my husband is going to leave me because of them telling him something I was suppose to have done. Now they got me acting like a ***** and being the bad one. what is a person to do. Leave there husband or kill the husbands family member. After alll this time I think I would like to do that and go to jail. like it would be the best thing in the world to do. Even if I never see my husband again. I would of atleast got rid of her constant whispers and ******* lies . I don't know. I have talked to my husband about it, and he thinks it is just me. Everyone thinks it just me. ofcourse when I drink some I get more courage to say something which is probably wrong ofcourse. I think at times I want to be away. but, what does one do. I know committing suiscide is wrong and you will go to hell. But what hell I am in now, couldn't be like in helll. Atleast you know what the helll is going on. I know that knowing is better than not. I am afraid that my husband is in on it. He wants to be rid of me too. But wants it to be like he had nothing to do with it,. Sort of like mose. Get rid of them without having to pay anything for it. That is a bit scary. Mose was not an accident. I just know the way they acted or the way they told the story. I know my husband does not want to loose his retirement of health care etc... Yes, I am afraid for my life. But who cares..... They don't .... an neither does my husband apparently. maybe I should just leave or just leave permanently. what should I do?????????????