I Need Someone To Talk To Plzz

 I am not feeling ok . I live away from y family with my husband and 2 kids . The problem my husband is too busy and everyone will tell it is ok but it is not ok with me because he doesn't give me anytime from his time he always working or watching matches or stupid shows and if I talk to him he just yell and tell me leave alone . He just spending his time in working at home or at work and watching shows about soccer ball which I hate it . We don't go out we just staying at home all the weekend . I have no friends in here .I don't know what to do I am feeling sad so sad . I love being romantic but he don't give me any chance and I feel like I am waiting something to be changed bu it is never change it get worth .

dido1212 dido1212
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2009

How sad: ( why is he so selfish? He doesn't consider your feelings! Perhaps when it is the right time you can talk with him , and tell him how unfair this is to you . You can ask him how he feels about you and if your feelings matter at all?

You're right, it's not okay. Honestly, something seems to be wrong with your husband that he's not sharing. You need to find a way to remove the TVs from your home for maybe a week and focus on your marriage. The first night, try getting a friend to babysit your kids, and set up the room in a romantic setting for you too. You can spend it romanticizing him or you can spend it getting in his head. Focus on your marriage and if that doesn't work, try starting your own life without him and not leaving him but find hobbies, find groups in your area, find a way to make friends or visit family members.