I Think Hes Cheating Because He Hides Things But He Denies Them

this started in the middle of Jan 2010. i found on his phone he has been texting this girl messages like I LOVE YOU and she replies saying she wants to run away with him, then he replies by saying how he wants to just stick his ... in her and how hard he wants to do her and she likes this and she wants it... she knows about me and that me and my fiance have a 5 month old daughter but she does not care. then later i find him texting her he wishes she was here when i asked him about all these things hes telling her he said they were just jokes to make her laugh and smile because she was going through things with her boyfriend. really does that sound real. then i find that he has 2 Hotmail and 2 tagged. since i know the password to one of each he made another just so he can talk to her on the one i don't know about. after i found it he denies having them and says that someone is hacking it and stuff like that.. so now he changed all his passwords to everything. the passwords were usually about my daughter or us but now its not. except for hi yahoo his password was me and him then he changes it to this other girls name and the year she graduates. sometimes i feel hes ashamed to tell everyone about his family.. and it hurts really bad because i tell the whole world about him because i really do love him, or else i would stay with him, have a child and want more with him, and say yes when he proposed. he complains that i accuse him of cheating all the time, and i tell him i wouldn't need to if he would just stop hiding things from me. he says he isn't then i find something again. WHAT DO I DO? i love him and want this to work and i am scare to leave him, i guess i just don't want to be alone. but i know ill have my daughter.

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I've never experienced this, but what my grandparents told me after going through several relationships with different people at different times: "If they love you they will be honest and ask for your forgiveness, if they want you they will stop, if they want to use you they will deny it all." I know you love this guy, and breakups can be hard, especially with a child, but you need to either break up with him, or spend some time away from him. If spending time away from him has made things worse, take your child, and get away from him. Do not let him have your child.

If my grandparents were still alive you could thank them instead, but I'll take the thanks for them.

when you know the truth then why hide from it. you deserve someone much better than him. at least think about your little daughter. she definitely doesn't deserve a father like him.

I think if you suspect it, it's the same as it being true. In my experience, when you think you know, you know!

Do NOT!!! Do NOOOOTTTTT marry him!!!!

you and your baby deserve so much better than this<br />
<br />
I think you know the what you have to do<br />
<br />
be strong for your little girl and yourself<br />
<br />
good luck

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww<br />
he's not worth you!!