12 Years Old And Lonely

Hello. Im 12 years of age. Right now, everythings going down the dump. At school, the other day, i was in another classroom for one of my classes. I heard that the people in my normal class were talking about me. Saying how annoying i was. Saying how much i hit them and hurt them. Even one of my best friends. My teacher even said,"if i ever did anything else to anyone, i would automatically be in trouble and in suspension". I really dont know what to do at this point. This happend yesterday. Last night, i managed to pretend i was sick so i wouldnt have to goto school. It worked. So now, im home alone. Next thing i know, my mom calls me yelling at me. Saying "Your teacher called me. She said that you are always mean to people . A parent called the office and made a complaint about you. She is scared for her child." I didnt know what was going on. But apparently it was a girl that i was bothering (playing with) and she took it offensive. My mom told me that my teacher said that the whole class was going at it talking about me, saying how i was mean to this girl. I just dont understand. I just wanna commit suicide. It feels like nothing right for me right now. Yes, im only 12, but. it seems like it wont get any better. Im sitting here typing this crying. Should i do it or not? My family would be crushed. But.. the people at school? What would they think of me? Would they care? Probably not. I still have 4 months of school with them. Should i run away? I just dont understand. My mom wouldnt understand. Thats another thing. My mom. She's a single parent and she works hard for me. But it feels like im in a cage. I never can have people over, cant communicate with boys ect. This is personal but im almost a teenager and i havent even started wearing bra's. Ive tried to sneak them in the buggy but my mom is always like " what is this?". For the 100th time. I dont understand. What have i done wrong. Please help me? Somebody anybody?

peaceNDlove peaceNDlove
13-15, F
Feb 10, 2010