The Self With No Other.

I feel like the self with no other. Finding the other you can relate to is near impossible sometimes, some of us have family and friends, but they aren't always perfect, and friends can always drift away for the unlucky, if you believe in luck, or as I call it "**** happens". My story is not the most tragic, the common tale of lost love, due to my own mistakes, and while we all need someone to talk to, I can't help but feel like I only speak and type these words just to gain recognition, the one thing we all strive for, the one thing that will make us do anything for just a taste of it. To me, words are nothing more than an evolving form of communication, so easy to twist and take out of context, we can contradict ourselves without even knowing it. Even are actions can be manipulated by others with the use of words. And while I sit here in this small room typing my thoughts, soon to be presented to this community, I am knowing I will get little recognition, but what little I do get I will savior and hold on to as long as I can.

I don't mean to sound  melodramatic or anything, I simply state what I know and how I feel in an attempt to receive some kind of recognition (I know I've kind of overused that word) and in return, give my recognition to others who need it. That's my word, peace.

TreeFingers TreeFingers
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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

You have my recognition. here for you man, anytime.

Hi, thanks for your comment. Late reply I know, I have a problem with procrastination.<br />
But yeah I'd like to have an open conversation sometime, send me a message sometime and I'll reply as soon as I see it, or maybe I'll send you one first.<br />
Anyway, thanks again for your input, appreciate it much, take care.

hi, i give u much recognition,because it happens to the best of us and i feel the exact same way. i bet u wont even see this txt.... anyway i see where ur commin from and id like to here all bout it if u r ok w that,...and if ever need someone to talk to, im here. as a phuturepreacher i have training understand, and a heart... to help u or even just listen... r u still on?