Wht Ya Think About my Situation

well, i leave a comment to ya that you say you cant open up to noone or is it that you think your friends really dont even care what you have to say or if ya open up to them they really dont care what your saying, most ppl are like that , they are so self indulgent and into thier selfs they dont have anytime for anyone else or their problems at least thats how i feel about my friends , they all need me when i can help them out or do something for them, or help them get somethin they need , i have no true friends , the only friends i have are out for their selfs and , backstabbers , 2 faced most the time and dont give a **** what truely happens to ya . Have you ever ask your self if i died tonight how many ppl would be at my funeral, im think maybe about 7 my close family which now whenever i want to talk to them about whats going on in my life all they have to talk about is whats going on with thiers, its like they don't even here what i had just told them in a conversation , they dont even have a response to say to me about my problem they just automatically start talkin about their selves , its hard to get a good friend that will just listen and you know what i have always been that way with every friend ive had i sit and listen to all they say all the time but when ever i have a break down its i dont know what to tell ya i dont know.... thats its its because ppl these days only care about one thing and thats thier selfs and their lifes , well i have drama, i mean major dram in my life and in my family everyday, you would not beleive the dram , it gets to the piont i want to get on a greyhound and go as far as i can to get away from everybody , my life has been so messed up through the yrs , i know i neeed serious counselin, thats how bad since i was about 10 thats when it all started ,**** everyday everyday,,, and still my life is a living hell ,, the only thing that keeps me going is my precious kids i have i love them with everything in me and they r lil still so im all they got truely but ,im just babblin so whatever you all think , i could write a book and it prolly be a best seller about all the **** ive been through.
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got2bereal got2bereal
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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

I can understand what you are saying and going through. It is hard to make friends and trust anyone in this day and age because of what you have described. I have a few select friends I've known and trust forever. I like to be treated as I would want to. I would like to chat with you sometime if you would like.