I'm so nervous. I haven't had a period in over a year due to my birth control I was on. Well, a year this month, but I was taken off of it last January(2009). I'm always tired, my back hurts, I'm always hungry, my breasts hurt, I pee a lot, I have headaches, indigestion. I have never had indigetstion before! This is all scaring me, and I'm not sure what to do. Damion (my boyfriend/best friend) is ok with it. He's actually hoping for a baby. That makes it easier. At least he isn't against it. But I'm only eighteen. I'm young. What should I do? I'm so...lost for words.

-Shayna Renee

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Congratulations. Yes, take care of yourself.<br />
have the baby - they are the greatest gift from God and will change your life. don't consider abortion - you will never forgive yourself for that either. Give the gift up for adoption if you can't take care of it. You can got through a Church adoption agency and actually pick out what you think will be a good home. later in life you can see the Locator - to help reunite you -<br />
<br />
Turn your life over to Jesus, get married if he is the right man, the baby needs a father and a mother, be a mother to your child, and try to stop fornicating. You will be much happier.<br />
I really to hope things turn out well for you sister. All things are possible through Christ.<br />
God Bless.

I hope everything works out for you hon, You didn't tell how old he is or it he has a job to support you and the baby or if you have insurance. <br />
My sister said that people who can't afford children, shouldn't have them. My mother said that it her and my Dad had have waited till they could afford a baby, then they would have never had My brother and sister. They were better off when they had me, cause they were older.<br />
It just makes it easier if you have money, but it may not make you any happier. Relationships are hard enough with out adding another issue. But it may bring you closer, you just never know.<br />
When a man has something to work for he can do things that he never knew he could. Behind every good man is a good women, it you try to support him emotionally in his career and he supports you and the baby as well then things will work out . It just takes a lot of Love and understanding between you both. Good Luck!!! I Hope your baby is a Healthy, Happy bundle of Joy for you both. God Bless you.

The first thing to do is to purchase a pregnancy test and take it. Today's tests are remarkably accurate. Then you need to see a doctor. If you aren't pregnant, then she can help you with the symptoms, which may add up to something that you need medical attention for. If you are pregnant, then you need to start prenatal vitamins and going in for regular check ups. You might be scared and worried, but you need to take care of yourself and the baby. You will never forgive yourself if you do not get the proper prenatal care and your baby is not healthy because of it.<br />
It's great that your boyfriend seems supportive. You need all the suopprt you can get bringing a new life into this world. Best wishes for you...