Just ...

I am in my room crying. This is third day I am crying. I stop only when I am going out to university and then I smile.

Today I stayed at home. May be it was a mistake because I have this huge exam and I just can't open the book, I am crying crying crying.

I feel this emptiness and hopelessness and I don't know what to do.

The funny thing is that my mom, my brother and his girl all are at home. And I have no person to talk to.

I am not depressed because of my studies. No. If I only could stop crying. Open the book and get rid of this feeling of anger inside of me.

I hate this feeling of loneliness when you are surrounded by people.

May be the real thing I need is not some one to talk to, but some one to hug me right now.

The truth is that I am so confused that I don't now what I wrote. And I have to study!!! OMG.... .

dindinrainbow dindinrainbow
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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I know the feeling of just wanting to shut the world out and having to get up to go to school. I have a crowded home too but i cant talk to anyone about a lot of stuff that gets me down. They really just wouldnt understand or the fact that they have problems also and wouldnt want mine or have advice that i couldnt think of myself. If you need someone to talk to just shoot me a comment or message.