A Brother Like No Other

4 yrs ago i met this kid 13 years old and only boy in the family, i liked him so i began to spend more time with him, soon enough we ended up so close, that we called each other brothers. We spent many days hours together unforgettable moments. We went to big events, and even spending a single day in the park, Stupid things we did like playing video games talking chatting ect. but it meant so much to us, i would call him my awesome little brother. Everyday we would let each other know how much we cared and loved each other, so we would never forget it. We spent hours talkin on the phone with nonsence, we spend most of our days playing soccer. we also had problems but we would solve them, as for me i was happy with him he was my smile, and he wont my heart. I would do anything for this kid even if it meant my life, now 4 years later we have so many problems, we fight all the time, and well today Feb 22, his dad has told me that i shall no longer see him or even talk to him, its a very hard thing to deal with because its not a friend i lost but its an actual brother that to me has the same blood as i do. I see now that brothers dont need to die literally because someone else can kill the dream for you


ill be updating it just hurts alot and well writing it all in detail really gets me depress

Suangelito Suangelito
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I guess it's natural to fight with your siblings no matter if they are blood linked or not. If you feel passionately about your relationship with him, give it some time, maybe you need a break form each other, maybe he needs to grow up a little bit and get to see how important you are. That can be really hard but I bet everything will be fine in the end if you just give it some time.

I hope everything works out for you and him.