Looking For New Friends

Hello!  I am a single mother of one, hard working professional and in a relationship that isn't working out, which is so hard because I do love him.    I do not have family in the area and most of the friends I have are co-workers which I can't discuss anything too personal.  Just looking for new friends.

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I know how you feel I have no family where I live. You are very smart to keep quite with the co-workers. Maybe tell him you need some space and see him less often. Go out for casual fun even happy hour just to get your mind off the issue. You can always send me an email. Ever try www dot meetup dot com different meet up groups on every hobby subject , dining out, wine tasting , just going out. Free to join and just put in your interest and geographics. I think it is US only not sure where you are.

Camptink, I'm sorry for what you are going through, do you have an instant messager through aol or msn? If you do we can chat on line if you want.

How much do you hide these difficulties from friends and family when you see them?

hugs Camp. I am going through similar situation. Married with kids but wife is having issues or more to the point, the wife sort of is the problem. Anyway, sometimes I blame myself for it thinking it is partly my fault for allowing it to happen. Sometimes I am just resentful of her behavior. Still trying to navigate this minefield without getting legs blown off. uhg