No Life.

So I'm from the Philippines. I moved to Japan since I was 10 years old, it was very difficult for me to adjust with the language specially the writing system which is really really hard. No one teached me how to speak, write or whatever but only myself, since my parents also doesn't know how to speak Japanese or even write Japanese. So I'm now 15 years old, and 3d year junior highschool, the education system in here is kinda of wierd because you still get passing mark even if you don't go to school or pass the test. I don't go to school everyday like only once  a week but still pass that's why I'm 3d year Junior high school.

         Now, it's so hard for me, because I barely have friends, and all my friends are like the badboy and the bad influence at school...

I wish I could have a normal friends but what can I do? they don't talk to me. I don't know why! well, it's not that I can't speak Japanese, I can speak Japanese very well now, But still can'g manage to have friends or whatever. This is the reason why I hate going to school because it's like I'm like out of place. No one would talk to me or whatever, they just ignore me like I don't exist in this world.


      I'm a shy type person so maybe that is the reason why they don't want to talk to me, all I want is to have some friends, but it's too late because on march 18 it's Graduation day. I can't move on to the next grade because there would be a very difficult exam that involved greatly in Japanese writing system, so I don't think I can do it. no matter what I do. so yeah, this sucks for me, also there is this girl that I want to tell her how much i like her and mean for me since 7th grade, now I'm 9th grade, it's like 3 years now, buit stil! I don't have the confidence to tell her how much she means to me and how much I like her because I'm chicken.


   If we graduate now, I don't think I'll be able to see my classmates again or the girl that I like, I don't think so, so maybe if someone is actually reading this long post of mine, maybe you could reocmmend me some way to make frineds? or maybe how to tell the girl that I like that I like her? thank you so much for who ever gonna give me advice, and of course for the people who have time to ready this normal post, thanks so much and wish u guys the best or girls, muwah!and sorry for my bad grammar. I hope you guys understand this. hehe! alright, mwah.

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Have you tried to join a group outside of school with people who have your interests in common? Try dropping the girl a note.