What's Wrong With Me???

So I recently turned 21 and I have this overwhelming feeling that I want to get married. I've been with my boyfriend now for just about a year and a half and I am soo in love with him. He's perfect for me, he knows how to make me laugh and can always talk to him about everything but, over the past few months I've been thinking more and more about marriage and he hasn't. I feel bad when I bring it up to him cause I don't want him to feel like I'm forcing him to do something but I really want to get married. Marriage for me is something I've always dreamed about ever since I was little.I've always hated dating and just wanted to settle down with the person I thought was the one. I really love my boyfriend and can't think of spending my life without him but he said that he's not ready to marry me. He said he dosen't feel worthy of marrying me yet. Last week I just found out that one of my good friends just got engaged and she's getting married in Oct. and I'm happy for her but I'm also extremely jealous that she's getting married because her and her boyfriend have been together as long as me and my boyfriend has. In a way though I do feel like she might ha pressured him into marriage because she always threw fits and cried about it and I don't want my boyfriend to marry me out of pity or guilt. I think another reason I want to get married so badly is because when I was little I was adopted and I have always put it out of my mind when it came to dealing with problems in my life but now that I'm older I really think it has something to do with my family issues. I want to get married because I want a family of my own. My whole life I've always felt like I was part of someone Else's family and now that I am an adult I want what I've never felt like I had. I don't want to get married for the wrong reason and I want my marriage to last when the time finally comes. I just feel like I'm going crazy because it's all I seem to think about all the time and I just need help dealing with everything so when the time comes that I do finally get married I can be the best wife that I possibly can be.

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OMG DONT DO IT! I thought I had to get married and have babies when I was your age and I did, and I really made a rushed decision woith the WRONG MAN. IT IS NOT SOME FAIRY TALE!!!<br />
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The kids suffered for the poor choice also. Learn to be happy being alone and get to know YOU first. Life is full of wonderful surprises. Take it easy and live a little. WHen it is right you will know it, and SO WILL HE.

I agree with ineed2talk and grace4good. Take your time, if it was meant to be with you and your boyfriend, it'll come. There was a time that I was upset because everyone around me was getting married and having children, but I got married to someone who loves me dearly. Your day will come and it will be a day you will never forget.

You think you are jealous now, just wait until everyone you know starts having kids. Try not to live on their time, focus on your time. You sound like you have a good bf but he may never feel he is good enough for you, or he may just be telling you that to relieve the pressure. Give him time, give yourself time. I know others have said this but its true. You are young. Concentrate on things that will make both of your lives better when you do get married.

You are still young -- Take this time now to enjoy your boyfriend and just being with him. Marriage is a big step. Even though you have a friend who would be getting married do not get jealous of that. Every thing happens for a reason. The longer you wait -- the better a relationship you have with your boyfriend. Just take your time.