Need To Talk About ...

Hello !

I am 52 my daughter is 25 and my 86 year old mother is living with us ! We cannot cope any more as she she rules and distroys our lives !

I will try and make it as short as possible although i have soo much to say !

In 1987 my father died and i was just devorced , at that time it seemed the right thing to do as all live together !

But life changes and we change with life !

Mother is soo demanding and so dependent on me , but me and my daughter never can talk together as she always inter ups and listen to all we say ! she never agrees to any thing i say ! She even listens behind the door  when i try talking to my daughter !  She is very sarcastic too !

8 years ago i met a man , at that time he was married and we saw each other as much as we could  , but now that his wife has past away we want to live toghether and have a life (he is 65) ! My mother does not like him and he does not really like my mother as he says she is controlling our lives ! I agree with that totally !

My mother does not like being alone as she is soo used to have me and my daughter around !

I have an 56 year old sister but she has a life (married and a son at uni ) ! she does not ring up her mother a lot ! Sometimes she takes her out for an hour or two to her house and then bring her back ! I tried to talk to my sister but she says : " you have been living soo long with mother u cannot 

leave her now like that " ! I like that she has a life but i cannot have one and neither has my daughter ! ( my daughter 25 ) is still at home as mother

as mother molly cuddles her although my daughter does not want that any more; but she cannot stand up to her ! My daughter and i are in a trap and we want to get out of it be we don't know how any more!

I do argue with my mother but she always makes me feel guilty § (why should i be as i am only trying to have a life ! and soo is my daughter )!

Please give me some advice cause i want to have a life with my 65 year old boy friend !  I am 52  so it is now or never !

Thanks !

There is so much left to say about the life we are leading but would be to long to explain ! if u need more information just ask me !



perola perola
51-55, F
Mar 4, 2010