Very Torn - I Ratted Out My Ex-husband

I need help with this. 

I have been divorced for five years and my ex-husband and I have remained very civil and pleasant with eachother because we have a child together.  He has had a girlfriend of three years who I have become friends with.  I found out that my ex-husband has been continuously cheating on her with a married woman who herself has two small children.  She would bring her kids to my ex's house while my son was there.   His girlfriend has had no idea whatsoever about his affairs.     Last week, he made me extremely upset and I called his girlfriend and told her what he has been up to.  It made me sick seeing him involve my child in all of this (my child is only 6) and seeing him mess with his girlfriend's mind so badly.

So I told her everything. 

She broke up with him after confronting him about it and is now devastated.  He is furious with me that I would tell her and is now denying it all ofcourse.  Even though he knows I know the truth, he will not come clean.  His family hates me now and called me horrible names.

All I did was tell the truth, because I was sick of what my son was exposed to and what he was doing to his girlfriend. 

Was I terribly wrong to tell her?  Should I apologize to him, even though he has now proven to be such a liar?   Help.  I feel awful.

protectivemamma protectivemamma
36-40, F
Mar 4, 2010