i am a 23 yr old mother of 3 and i really have no one to talk to i feel so alone sometimes i cry cause i feel so alone and empty inside. my kids father doesnt understand the real me and maked me someone im not and when i do try to talk to him he looks at me like im stupid for saying that. i feel like i cant turn to anyone in my family. everyday i hate waking up for its the same thing like really nothing changes.

shagal shagal
22-25, F
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I can relate so much with you. I was a mother with 3 daughters around the same age as you. Hormones have alot to do with your mood as well as being very tired from lack of rest from all that caregiving. You may have depression too. There is a website called MomsLikeMe.(google it) You can talk to other mothers who can understand you and want to help. They are there to care and give you advice. You are not alone. Don't worry. Be strong for those children, they need you. God loves you and your little ones. He provides for all your needs. Remember the sparrow.

You have found a great place to vent and to meet people and maybe to help with your self esteem, it has helped me in so many ways, I'm thankful to have found this wonderful site. Stumbled across it one day while looking up loneliness and sadness. May you be blessed today and know that your children love you unconditionally!:-) Hugs and Love sent to you......Xo~sugar~Xo

I agree with Aliva.

I husband used to treat me like that ...but I don't care anymore and I myself stopped sharing my thoughts with try to make some friends with whom you can interact on a daily basis..slowly you would start feeling better. *hugs*