Perhaps I Am Too Literal But...

I spend all day with one man at work and then the rest of my day with my husband.  Both men seem to think that no matter what they actually say, I am to translate what they "meant".  It has become a part of every conversation.  For example, my coworker told me where a cable I needed was in another room. He told me it was in a drawer.  I went to the location and there was not drawers, only a cabinet with doors and shelves inside.  No big deal but I looked for a drawer.

My husband told me he was sorry for something very minor.  I  told him he did not need to apologize, it was not big deal.  He told me he wasn't apologizing!  He was just sorry.  

This goes on all day and all night.  Am I too literal?

chuskateacher chuskateacher
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Perhaps the man you work with and your husband are simply full of you-know-what and they are B.S.-ing you. I have found that some men need to sound authoritative even when they have only somewhat of an idea what they mean to say. The guy just chose the wrong word when he said 'drawer.' How is that your fault? Don't internalize it like you have a problem! My example is this: Every time we are both in the car and I'm driving, and we need to locate a place, my boyfriend says something like, "take a right; I'll show you." That phrase "i'll show you" really means, "ill figure it out" and now is a tip-off to me that he's going to make it up as we go, and act as if he knew the whole time.

I love being around women but I find at the end of the day I know little more about them as you do men.

someone tonight who I love said I was too literal! Uh what does that mean? So I found your message, thank you thank you. Then he proceeded to tell me that 'it wasn't bad!' huh? Then why would you say it with the word 'too' in front. <br />
I really understand how you feel and yes they do "get all mad" ;)