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hei guys

u can just call me mr x

i was born in country x and was very sucessful when i as young. I was one of the top soccerplayer in the state i had lots of friends and there were alot of girls intrested in me. When i was 13 my parents decided to migreate to australia in search for better education. Eveything changed then. I grew very shy and lonely. I was embarresed about puberty. i had pretty much only one or two friends. I couldnt beilve what was happening. I used to be captain of the tennis team, popular and now i was reduced to nothing. through out high school i had 2 very good friends. we used to hang in school all the time. Strangly they never asked me for any stayovers or anything like that. I mean i hung around them for hours everyday for 3 years and they have never invited me home. So i got lonely and spent all my time playing sport, reading, listening to music and playing dumb online games. I cant even seem to look guys in the eyes anymore. I dont know why im so shy. i guess i have  bushy eyebrows and a roman nose.. i just dont undestand.. a few years ago i was living the dream... and now... well im 17 now and doing a course to be engineer.. im very lonely in class and not many people talk to me.. i just feel isolated.. i cant even talk to a girl ... and there was this girl in high school who would steal glances at me all the time... i feel like a hopeless dumb idiot... i dont know what to do and i dont want to be a shy friendless idiot anymore :(

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im living an exact life, your not alone.. im ready to to get my car and just leave in some direction. life to me seems really pointless every other 5 minutes i think about it

Moving away from your life and starting a new one usually does isolate people. I know you may feel like this now but you will move on from this. Try counting and focusing on your blessings. There are so many people who have lost their lives only to find they move on and up. When they look back they realize everything happens for a reason. If you want to talk, send me a message.