I Have No One Talk To

I have no one that i can talk to about the way i am feeling, what ive been throgh. theres only ever been one person i have told the truth about these things to and there gone now, but even then i couldnt tell everything it was impossible. and now i am left with no one to talk to about anything i have lernt to cover things up in my mind and just forget things but to be able to talk about everything would be so much better. i know that really by covering things i am just hurting more on the inside and by forgeting things i am forgeting the person that i am.  maybe someday i will learn to trust someone 100% that i can start to talk about my past and my feelings but to be honest i dont think thats ever gonna happen.

but intill it does ill remain the person that even my family and friends don't know or understand.

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i think there will never be somebody who u can trust 100% maybe 99% but 100% ... that's kinda imposibale having some1 to talk to is important it make ur mind see things from anther point of view sometimes it solve problems u never thought it could be that eazy to be solved

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I know it's really painful to not having anyone to talk to.. but then when people come knocking at your door you are so afraid of opening up yourself and trust them that you decide to push them away.<br />
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You may think that you will never be able to trust someone in your life but I'm sure that one day someone special will come your way. Someone who really cares for you and who will keep on trying to past your wall even if you push him/her away. <br />
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But at least try to find someone to talk to... it will really make you feel better trust me..<br />
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If you want i can be your friend... I'm not asking you to tell me everything and trust me right now.. I know all these things takes a lot of time to be builded coz i'm a bit like you.... Keeping everything to myself.. afraid to open up to peeps because of the fear of being hurt by them. But with time, i learnt lot of things that made me grew stronger and wiser.<br />
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I just want to get to know you better.. I think that every single person that we come to meet is worth to get to be known....and maybe I can help you... Just let me know..

likewise,i know exactly how you are feeling,basically at heart i am of an introverted nature and all my life have had a tendency to bottle things up,keep them to myself etc etc,unfortunaetly this culminated in a breakdown,i went into deep deep depression and had to spend several periods in hospital so believe me i do know where you are coming from.It is so lonely not having someone close to open up to,and in my case i lost most of my friends as they did not understand what depression is.i am now bouncing back slowly however i still have one special person to talk to.If you need an ear to help you i am willing to help,life dealt me a bad hand of cards but i have learned to cope.Best wishes,i am here if you need me.Garvan.

If you want you can try to talk to me. Sometimes you just need someone there and though you don't know me I'll listen if you want me to and try to give advice when needed.