I Do Have Someone To Talk To......

Actually i have my circle of close friends i can talk to but i already have and i feel them getting tired of hearing the same story over and over. I just cant help but feel bad about it. I feel i might die. I cry every night in bed trying to figure how something like this can affect me so much. I feel pathetic that it does affect me but i just cant help but feel worthless, and depressed. There are some moments where I feel really happy and without a care in the world but once i think about it i fall back into my depression instantly & just want to give up on everything, deciding school and work and a social is just too much to handle. I cant even sleep anymore. Like now I slept for about an hour and woke up crying. Soo im here trying to find someone who has been through the same thing. Rejected by a lover haha typical teenage girl right? except i dont consider myself a typical teenage girl. Before i let this get too long thanks for reading :)

meechies meechies
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Everyone goes thru this pain you speak of. Its all a part of being in love...To love is a risk...<br />
Im here for you if you would like to share stories. Xo Dee