No One To Talk To

Sometimes it would just be nice to be able to have some close to talk to. Like now, I just want to talk to someone but there is no one.

I know I will pull myself together and back up again and writing seems to help at times, but its just not the same as talking on a phone, or smsing or just hanging with someone.

I so wish that I had someone to talk to,


Natjik Natjik
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

qbeg2<br />
I'm in a similar situation: divorced, working part time--just get lonely and anxious at night anwonder if there is anyone who would cha or meet for coffee. I'm not that far from West Iowa. Let me know if you have gmail chat or yahoo chat.<br />

I know what you mean ! I'm going through a divorce. No chance for getting back together. Tried various dating sites. They only want single or divorced people. Just looking for someone to hang out with. Maybe chat on yahoo instant messanger. It'd be really great just to meet someone for a cup of coffee. I'm not interested in sex right now. May sound strange for a guy to say, but that is the furthest thing from my mind at this point. Just sick of being alone with only my thoughts for company. If you or anyone else who reads this wants to even email or chat. drop me a line. The TV doesn't interest me even. Just looking to share a laugh or a cry with. When I'm not job hunting (I'm about to loose my job due to government cut backs) or searching for a new place to move. I'm at the computer. If you are from Southwest Iowa, USA. Maybe meet for coffee. Your town or mine. A new friendly face. A new friendly place. A new frindly voice. Would really make my day !

i understand. u r not alone. i'l be your friend. shirley

It's kind of hard to tell whether you need someone to talk to, or not.