I Don't Know What To Do With My Life.

Right now i can't believe i'm actually doing this, i've never really talked about my feelings or showed any real emotions towards most people i know, but right now i'm going trough a very difficult time, well i always have in my opinion but you know there's a limit.

All the little things are just adding up, i can't write down everythings that ever bothered me because that would be way too long.

Right now there's only one thing bothering me and that is.. I believe i am Bipolar i didn't want too admit it at first because it does run in the family, but now i just want too get help before it gets any worse, i told my mum but she doesn't want too believe it.

I feel so helpless , i can't talk too my friends and my family, i can't talk too anybody and i really want someone too talk to right now !

  • My mother just doesn't get it and probably thinks this is a way for me too get attention, even though she saids that's not true, i can't ask anyone what to do because i'm very paranoid and usually believe everyone is lieing too me, but please reply too this with total honesty if you can? Please.

I just need someone too talk to and help me with this or give any possible advice that they can :(

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I'll add that if you don't know how to see a doctor by yourself (you're a minor as far as I can see) you can go to your school psychologist or school nurse. <br />
<br />
Don't be afraid, they are here to help you.<br />
Remember that you can ask to talk to them alone ans schedule an appointment with them if necessary.<br />
<br />
Explain that you have other family members who have this disorder and that you fear developing it. It should alert them about the seriousness of the situation. <br />
<br />
Don't give up !

If you feel you have a mental illness and your mother denys your feelings then she is just plain ignorant. If she won't take you to see a doctor then you have to go yourself. I suffer from depression which is a simmilar mental illness and I know first hand that all illnesses should be treated. There are medications and treatments for biplar disorder that have remarkable success rates. A good friend of mine has bipolar but with her treatment she didn't even exhibit the symptoms any more. Be strong and stand up for your right to be in good health. I'm a scientist, I don't lie. You are not alone.

okay hold on a sec. u talkin bout the bipolar disorder!!?<br />
if so lets go on.... why are u saying so.....did u comfirm it somehow before saying so for sure...<br />
<br />
that might not be soo.. true that u seem to be in much stress and stuff.. but that might be jst normal to feel so ... its just humans capability.....everything has a limit gurl so.. take it easy... <br />
<br />
i dont say that because i have no troubles no worries... but inshalla ur okay but can sure get better<br />
u just need to either except stuff the way they are or try n change wat u can .... its life.. its tuff..<br />
<br />
wanna talk about it.. id love to be of support or help friend... anyway jst take care of urself ... hope everything will be oright