people say im nice and smart and good but i dont feel like it every day i see a ugly feak of a loser looking back at me i have no friends no girl no one to hold me and say they love no one to care people say im lucky i think there lucky they are good and have a good life they wish to live i do not
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you are 16 or 17..why does having a girl important to dont need to have a girl to be happy in life..when you can't be happy from your do you think happiness will reach u ?? in the form of a girl?? what happens if the girl does ur happiness comes from me i was the same when i was ur age..but I am working on becoming a strong, optimist and independent individual. doing things that make me happy, asking jesus to give me joy that passes all understanding. I am not happy always but i make conscious decisions everyday to be happy, to find happiness, to be confident, to push myself to reach new goals..thats how i find my happiness in accomplishing my goals, taking challenges. each day i grow as a person, find out more about how i am and what i am made of..and trust me...when you push urself to be ur very best..there is no better ephoria that than...stop being is unfair..but its ur choice everyday to be happy or to be depressed and waste away life...

but it makes me feel normal when im stuke in a war

Vice u r so young insecurity comes from being ur age buddy. I'm 52 I know bad people and I know freaks u don't seem to b either. Your while world will change about every two years for about the next ten years. The only thing that stays the same is that things always change. U gotta roll with it man and remember happiness is a choice u make. Don't sweat the small stuff learn to laugh at urself and choose to b happy